With the impact of the Global COVID19 Pandemic, Pro Performance Sport has now refocused it’s attention to developing and preparing domestic talent in preparation for when boarders re-open and players can once again travel freely to trial for professional contracts.

The consequences of COVID-19 have led to a global crisis for football across all levels of the game, with matches suspended or cancelled and major events like Euro 2020 postponed.

The knock on effect of this pandemic for aspiring players means the opportunity to travel internationally for trials is severely restricted. As the world comes to terms with travel bans and closed boarders, the long process of a global vaccination roll out looks to be the only option for normality to return.

In light of the current challenges, Pro Performance Sport has taken the initiative to focus it’s attention domestically, recruiting, training, and preparing players with talent and aspirations for when the opportunity to travel once again and trial presents itself.

PPS Director Samuel Ramosoeu said “while we are disappointed for our players to miss the opportunity to travel for trials over the last 12 months, at the end of the day their health, safety, and welfare is the most important thing at this time. Boarders will reopen and clubs will once again invite our players to trial with them, the important thing is that we are ready for this moment and that we do everything possible to prepare PPS players to take the opportunity when it comes”.

PPS are proud to be launching their very own residential training camp facility and soon to be announced Training Programs. For more information contact Pro Performance Sport Direct!